Hemp is the main active ingredient in regards to different cannabis products. It is primarily a favorite for consumption because it has proven health benefits and easy bioavailability as edibles, tinctures, vaping, and other forms. Hemp contains less than 0.3% of THC and is therefore not intoxicating on users.

Why should you smoke hemp?

As stated earlier, hemp has negligible THC content, and it will not get you high no matter how much you use. Instead, people find it helpful for various anxiety and nervous attacks and many other ailments like chronic pain and inflammation.

It is a relief to know that some states do not criminalize the inhalation of CBD cigarettes because they understand that the world is progressing towards the adoption of more natural medications. We have consulted the regulations in all our service areas and are confident you will be on the safe side of the law when you purchase and use CBD cigarettes. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the chemical composition of our CBD rolls.

Composition of the CBD cigarette

CBD content

What are you looking for when you choose hemp rolls? The main ingredient of these cigarettes is CBD, which is available in varying content depending on the processing. We advise you to note that all CBD smokables will have other contributing ingredients like minimal THC and herbal blends, which work together to give you a smooth and pleasurable smoking experience.

Third-party testing

These lab tests are critical for you to understand the process that goes into producing CBD cigarettes. You can know a lot about the effects of the roll by simply looking at the lab report to determine the exact THC, CBD, and cannabinoid contents. Our lab reports are readily available when you contact us for more information. More so, we make sure to include a light note of the composition on the cigarettes package.


How do you know the best pre-roll CBD cigarettes will deliver the indicated quality without using them? Most people will look for reviews on other people's experiences, so you can be sure you will get the same enhancing, flavorful and smooth smoking feeling. Be sure to check our packaging for all other quality indicators, such as specific tests and standards from established testing bodies. Take time to read through published reviews on the Internet and gather all the insight you need to understand how we satisfy other customers.


Hemp and cannabis can have so many different varieties depending on their growth and manufacturing conditions. You want to make sure the kind of CBD hemp cigarettes you use comes from a farm that adheres to all the necessary regulations because that means they only put out products with safe concentrations of THC and CBD. We source all our CBD cigarettes from domestic sources and only use permitted processing methods to prepare and package the pre-rolled CBD joints.

How do you know which CBD cigarettes to buy? Check out our online list of available CBD hemp flower options, and contact us for further clarification.

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